Charles Philippe Jean Pierre:
The Feminist

November 18 - December 3, 2016

The Feminist is a snapshot of Jean Pierre’s examination of contemporary literature, feminism, privilege, and power. As the artist navigates questions of race, gender and equality, he explores what it means be a feminist as a black man in American culture. This body of work can also be viewed as a visual documentation of a shift or expansion of thought. With The Feminist Jean Pierre illustrates his process of internalizing a movement and activating his individual agency, connecting personal intention to mass activism. The resulting images span integrated styles of abstraction, collage, and mixed media. The work in The Feminist is a stylistic shift from Jean Pierre’s known language of graffiti-like linework, brush strokes, and bold color. Here, he adopts a more subtle palette and makes space for balance and softness - conjuring feminine energy. 

The Feminist is curated by Jovan C. Speller.

Photos by Joe and Jen Photography