Jose Dominguez:

October 2015 - March 2016

 Ilumíname: A solo exhibition by Minneapolis based emerging artist José Dominguez.  In this body of work, Dominguez begins to explore similarities between Lotería and other mystical cards, like the Tarot, and their ability to conjure and calculate fortune and misfortune. His drawings and paintings on found objects, like cardboard boxes and manila folders, effortlessly and authentically reveal the artist’s struggles with identity and faith.

José Dominguez's artistic practice spans drawing, typography, audio mixes, graphic stories and digital works.  His past contributions include the founding of Three Brown Fools in Gym Class, a Winona artist collaborative, El Pueblo De Enmedio: Illusions Del Desert, Watkins Gallery, Winona State University, Let There Be Space: And There was Space, in Beijing, China, and Art Muse, Minneapolis, MN. Dominguez recently received his BFA degrees in Graphic Design and Studio Art from Winona State University.

Illumíname is curated by Jovan C. Speller for the Rochester Art Center