Installation photos by Corey Shomo

Address/Reject features work by N. Musinguzi, photo-documentarian and visual anthropologist, and ADDAM, digital storyteller and musician. This exhibition is a presentation which positions two artists to engage, respond and reflect upon contemporary issues through multidisciplinary collaboration. Address/Reject is an exploration in duality; of stillness and movement, silence and sound, black and white, reaction and passiveness. Between these opposing values the artists perform a conversation, interpreting call and response - a method of musical communication - and raising questions around visual representations of culture in social and global media. 

Each image in Musinguzi’s body of work vibrates with the fervor and commotion reflected in the moment. Each click of her camera is saturated with the vivacity of a culture arrested in time. One can almost see beyond the edges of the image, imposing a decisive view of the real life experience. Yet, photography is a medium of abstraction, removing a singular moment from a greater narrative. ADDAM responds to this opportunity to expand the story, reinvent truth, and inspire a new narrative through his ‘vocal reflections’. These audible snapshots are direct responses to N. Musinguzi’s imagery. ADDAM confronts the stillness of the arrested visual, filling it with sound, song and rhythm. As response to each depicted scene, his voice, heavy with authority, investigates, addresses, antagonizes and rejects.

Address/Reject is curated by Jovan C. Speller.